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THE SPORTCORE TREND : everyone just wants to be comfortable and cozy!

Truth be told, we do strive to be trendy but don't want to compromise our comfort...

The now trending Sportcore look solves this fashion dilemma, allowing us to feel good and unpretentious in our clothing yet still be totally fashionable because it is a trend after all!

This street style evolved from the term " Normcore" which originated in South Korea. It was the blending of the words "Normal" and "Hardcore": A style of dressing that involves the deliberate choice of unremarkable or unfashionable casual clothes. The idea was pretty simple: look as normal as possible, meaning you didn't follow any fashion trends. It was supposed to be a non-look inspired by the 90s.

As such, Sportcore is an evolution of the Normcore style with a sportswear touch. It incorporates wider silhouettes allowing the body to move freely a back-to-basics classic sports-centric look with or without the logos. Many brands are embracing the Sportcore aesthetic, including Urban Outfitters, Pascun, Tommy Hilfiger, Kappa and Guess.

Of course, celebrities such as Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Sophia Richie and Kendall Jener have already adopted the Sportcore look !

See our range of sportcore style offerings within our collections :


Fall Winter collection'19



Fall Winter collection'19



Fall Winter collection'19



Fall Winter collection'19

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