Sustainable, ethical wear: How Pinay designer Claire Powers built her KINdom 

“We are still a long way away from the ideal, because the masses have been trained to consume fast fashion at cheap prices, which have been, and still is, destroying the environment and continuing the unethical treatment of workers,” she explained.

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KINDOM had its own set of Environmental Initiatives to lower the environmental impact for the planet. 

 When the UN Goals launched earlier in 2019, they aligned these goals to their original initiatives:


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TESORO MODA & DANTELLE as featured in TRENDS OF THE SEASON FALL/WINTER 2019   Directives West Trend Show

 April 1 at the California Market Center


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TESORO MODA collection during the last fashion show 2019 in Las Vegas 


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2018 promises to be a crucial year for the revival of the Women’s Movement!., In light of the many recent events in our political and social culture impacting women, the fashion industry particularly has shown it understands their value – that they are determined, powerful and beautiful. 


Indeed, we saw just that during the most recent round of Fashion Trade Shows in New York and Las Vegas. BACI’s  menswear inspired collection,  with its touch of  the “New Romantic”,  seamlessly combines the “Girl Meets Boy” fashion aesthetic.

Incorporating plaid, pinstripes, lace, and layered jackets as well as the return of the “must-have” camouflage print shown here in the form of a mixed media denim jacket, BACI brings the new era of “It Girl” style and is perfect for transitional themes and the seasonless mindset.

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DOLCE CABO Fall/Winter 2018 at STITCH in

Las Vegas and at Fashion COTERIE in New York

Major trends to watch from this resource: Romantic Revival with its fur, Girl Meets Boy menswear trend. 


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