Indispensable denim pieces : from the belted barn jacket to the trench coat

Denim has become indispensable, but not in the way you think!

This is not the season for your go-to, worn-in jean. The denim pieces you need now are reinventions of the classic trench coat, barn jacket and coat dress.

Discover Tesoro Moda at The Anonymous Showroom:

The denim barn jacket

Our version is tie dyed and perfect for a relaxed look.

Moreover, we love its oversize style !

Hailey rocks the look for Justin Bieber


The denim jumper

layer it over a great blouse or bare your arms...


The trench coat

our version is color blocked with 4 shades of denim and worn over a sexy silk dress....


The coat dress

we acid wash it, wear it open, and match it perfectly back to an animal print!


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