July 17, 2019

For Spring / Summer 2020, tie-dye makes its renaissance.  

With such luxury brands as Prada, Stella McCarney and R13 showing tie-dyed pieces at New York Fashion Week, a new interest in more sophisticated tie dye is emerging in the fashion industry, characteriz...

July 2, 2019

For Fall/Winter'19, from luxury brands to fast fashion, scarf prints on dresses, tops, skirts, jackets... are everywhere! 

The trend is played up in gem and metallic colors that captivate the eye, and it is utilized as an accent or throughout the entire ensemb...

May 29, 2019

Truth be told, we do strive to be trendy but don't want to compromise our comfort...  

The now trending Sportcore look solves this fashion dilemma, allowing us to feel good and unpretentious in our clothing yet still be totally fashionable because it is a trend aft...

May 7, 2019

For 2019, fashion style looks like an actual jungle : Leopard, Python, Zebra, Crocodile… 

Animal prints will dominate all of our fall wardrobes : to be the Queen of the Jungle, you have to adopt it !

Nowadays, it is a timeless trend : jackets, skirts, dresses,...

April 10, 2019

Springtime has arrived, featuring sun and flowers and trees finally in bloom!

To be on-trend this season, adopt the pretty pastel look which evokes sunshine and warmth.

During Winter Fashion Week in Milan and Paris lots of pastel looks had taken the street with ‘boxy bla...

April 3, 2019

Denim has become indispensable, but not in the way you think!

This is not the season for your go-to, worn-in jean.  The denim pieces you need now are reinventions of the classic trench coat, barn jacket and coat dress.

Discover Tesoro Moda at The Anonymous Showroom:


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